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Calibration Staffing
"Biometrix helps me manage the workload peaks and valleys that are an ongoing challenge of a large Biotech manufacturing facility. Instead of hiring a full time calibration technician and potentially being overstaffed, I can bring in Biometrix technicians during shutdowns, for project work or if an employee leaves the company. I'm satisfied with the quality of work, and finance is satisfied because I've kept costs down."

- Calibration Manager for large Biotech manufacturing facility

Biometrix provides staffing solutions for a broad range of calibration and commissioning projects. All Biometrix calibration technicians undergo extensive hands-on training and can provide you with the right skill sets for all of your short or long-term staffing needs.

Upon hire, Biometrix calibration technicians engage in extensive apprenticeships that are proven to prepare them for success in any R&D or manufacturing environment. Biometrix will accommodate any scenario in which staffing solutions may be appropriate, such as your need to maintain staffing count flexibility or ramp-ups in workload due to shut-downs and facility expansions.

Because we focus on Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, we have developed a high level of expertise in these industries. We keep our technicians up-to-date on industry trends, technological advancement of complex instrumentation and the ever-increasing expectations of the FDA.