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Calibration Master Planning
Biometrix personnel are experts in providing clients with a top level calibration master plan to define and control the process for handling the calibration of a facility's critical and non-critical equipment. Our staff will work with you to outline and develop controlled processes that provide robust calibration coverage while also minimizing cost and minimizing impact on your daily operations.

Our calibration master plan is tailored to meet your specific calibration needs and fit within your existing Quality System. The calibration master plan defines processes for:

  • Defining the rationale for equipment criticality designations and associated calibration intervals.
  • Assigning responsibilities for equipment users, equipment managers, quality assurance personnel, and calibration vendors to help ensure company-wide consistency and regulation of your processed.
  • Approving calibration vendors such that they are in compliance with the guidelines of your Quality System.
  • Identifying and labeling equipment.
  • Processing investigations of out of tolerance conditions and other calibration-related issues that may necessitate corrective action.
  • Controlling and storing records, including calibration certificates, status change forms, and calibration SOPs.

Our staff will work closely with your equipment managers, equipment users, and quality personnel to develop a detailed and compliant master plan that work best for your company.