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What Is Calibration?

The goal of calibration is to ensure that the output of a measuring device is accurate. Calibration is reassurance that your pressure gauge, chart recorder, temperature display, or any other critical equipment that is relied upon daily is telling you the truth.

Calibration is performed by comparing a device or the output of an instrument to a standard having known measurement characteristics. For example, the accuracy of a pressure gauge can be calibrated by applying a known amount of pressure to the gauge and comparing the known pressure value with the reading on the gauge face. Once the relationship of the pressure gauge to the standard is known and accepted, the pressure gauge can be used to measure the pressure of other equipment or systems.

To improve the quality of the calibration and have the results accepted by outside organizations, it is desirable for the calibration and subsequent measurements to be "traceable" to the internationally defined measurement units. This is often accomplished by a formal comparison to a standard which is directly or indirectly related to national standards (NIST in the USA), international standards, or certified reference materials.

Quality management systems call for an effective metrology system that includes formal, periodic, and documented calibration of all measuring instruments. ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 require effective calibration systems.

Calibration can be required when an instrument:

  • is acquired

  • has an elapsed calibration interval

  • has measurements that are questioned

  • has been serviced/repaired

  • has been decommissioned

  • has had a shock or vibration (such as a being moved or dropped), which potentially may have put it out of calibration
  • Equipment tolerance and operating range are critical parameters of the calibration process. The calibration tolerance is defined as the maximum allowable deviation between a standard of known accuracy and your instrument. Equipment inaccuracies that exceed the specified tolerance can usually be adjusted. Calibration technicians will always record as-found data (this documents instrument performance prior to adjustments) and if a calibration adjustment is made, the technician will record as-left data (this documents instrument performance following adjustments).

    Unfortunately, not all instruments can be adjusted. Glass thermometers are an apparent example of this. Calibration technicians can verify and document the accuracy of a glass thermometer. If the difference between the instrument and standard exceeds the specified tolerance, there is no alternative but to dispose of the thermometer and replace it.

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    Instrument/Systems Capabilities

    Autoclave Calibration
    Balance Calibration
    Centrifuge Calibration
    Chart Recorder Calibration (Temperature)
    Cold Room Calibration
    Conductivity Meter Calibration
    Conductivity Probe Calibration
    Data Logger Calibration
    Freeze Dryer Calibration
    Freezer Calibration
    Furnace Calibration
    Glass Washer Calibration
    Heat Block Calibration
    Humidity Chamber Calibration
    Humidity Controller Calibration
    Humidity Probe Calibration
    Humidity Chart Recorder Calibration
    Incubator Calibration
    Laboratory Monitoring System Calibration
    Lyophilizer Calibration
    Magnehelic Gauge Calibration
    Melting Point Apparatus
    Mixer Calibration
    Multimeter Calibration
    Osmometer Calibration
    Oven Calibration
    PH Meter Calibration
    Pipette Calibration
    Power Supply Calibration
    Pressure Controller Calibration
    Pressure Gauge Calibration
    Pressure Recorder Calibration
    Pressure Transmitter Calibration
    Refrigerator Calibration
    Resistivity Meter Calibration
    RTD Calibration
    Scale Calibration
    Shaker Calibration
    Spectrophotometer Calibration
    Stability Chamber Calibration
    Stirrer Calibration
    Stir Plate Calibration
    Stopwatch Calibration
    Temperature Controller Calibration
    Temperature Gauge Calibration
    Thermocouple Calibration
    Thermometer Calibration
    Timer Calibration
    Vacuum Gauge Calibration
    Water Bath Calibration

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