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Turnkey Calibration Program

Biometrix personnel are experts in the development of custom tailored, turnkey calibration programs, from performing equipment assessment, to implementing calibration software, to creating complete documentation packages and performing calibration. We can create, implement and/or manage your calibration program so you can focus on R&D and manufacturing.

Biometrix will create an integrated calibration master plan for your facility. The master plan defines calibration responsibilities, rationale for establishing equipment criticality and other key calibration processes.

Biometrix will perform a detailed assessment of your facility to develop a master instrumentation/asset list. Your master list will contain all critical equipment parameters, including equipment identification number, make, model, serial number, calibration range and calibration tolerance. We will work with you to assign criticality status and calibration interval to each instrument based on your particular use of each instrument.

Biometrix will provide you with all of the calibration related documentation infrastructure, and it will be tailored to your particular processes and needs. Documentation includes equipment-specific calibration SOPs, equipment change control forms, equipment information forms and top level program documentation to facilitate control and development of your equipment calibration/user verification processes.

Biometrix will provide qualified personnel to accommodate your specific workload and calibration program requirements. Biometrix calibration technicians undergo extensive hands-on training and are always ready to accommodate your program staffing needs.

Biometrix can accommodate any asset management system preference you may have, whether it is the implementation of an electronic database or a classic paper based system. For clients who prefer to implement an electronic database, we will install, validate and implement your calibration software for you. For clients who prefer a paper-based calibration system, we can provide you with detailed templates for calibration certificates, change control forms, equipment information forms, and document storage procedures.

At Biometrix, we believe that communication and role establishment, in addition to calibration and industry expertise, are the most important factors in the implementation of a successful and compliant calibration program. Our management staff will remain in close communication with your equipment managers, equipment users and quality personnel to fine-tune processes and ensure that your program is effective.


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Instrument/Systems Capabilities

Autoclave Calibration
Balance Calibration
Centrifuge Calibration
Chart Recorder Calibration (Temperature)
Cold Room Calibration
Conductivity Meter Calibration
Conductivity Probe Calibration
Data Logger Calibration
Freeze Dryer Calibration
Freezer Calibration
Furnace Calibration
Glass Washer Calibration
Heat Block Calibration
Humidity Chamber Calibration
Humidity Controller Calibration
Humidity Probe Calibration
Humidity Chart Recorder Calibration
Incubator Calibration
Laboratory Monitoring System Calibration
Lyophilizer Calibration
Magnehelic Gauge Calibration
Melting Point Apparatus
Mixer Calibration
Multimeter Calibration
Osmometer Calibration
Oven Calibration
PH Meter Calibration
Pipette Calibration
Power Supply Calibration
Pressure Controller Calibration
Pressure Gauge Calibration
Pressure Recorder Calibration
Pressure Transmitter Calibration
Refrigerator Calibration
Resistivity Meter Calibration
RTD Calibration
Scale Calibration
Shaker Calibration
Spectrophotometer Calibration
Stability Chamber Calibration
Stirrer Calibration
Stir Plate Calibration
Stopwatch Calibration
Temperature Controller Calibration
Temperature Gauge Calibration
Thermocouple Calibration
Thermometer Calibration
Timer Calibration
Vacuum Gauge Calibration
Water Bath Calibration

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