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Laboratory Monitoring System Calibration

Due to heightened quality requirements from regulatory bodies such as the FDA, from customers and from internal quality assurance guidelines, equipment calibration is more important than ever. As an FDA-regulated company, you may be audited for your compliance with FDA regulatory requirements – either GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). The FDA requires that the display accuracy of all instruments that have an effect on the quality of your product be verified (calibrated) over a specified interval of time.

Central laboratory monitoring systems are vital in the temperature, humidity, and differential pressure monitoring of critical laboratory storage space and equipment. It is of utmost importance to ensure that critical materials demanding constant environmental control are monitored accurately and effectively. Unnoticed excursions can have a serious effect on the quality of your product whether it be cell culture or clinical assay.

Biometrix provides on-site central laboratory monitoring system calibration using high accuracy, NIST traceable temperature, humidity, and pressure calibration standards.

  • Our PRTs (Platinum Resistance Thermometers) uphold industry leading accuracies of up to 0.025 degrees Celsius.
  • Our humidity probes also uphold industry leading accuracies of up to 0.2 %RH.
  • Our pressure calibrators uphold industry leading accuracies of 0.05% (full scale).

  • This level of accuracy ensures 4:1 accuracy ratio compliance, even for customers who maintain the most stringent process tolerances. Upon completion of calibration, Biometrix technicians will leave you with detailed calibration certificates, with information on as-found data, as-left data, test point deviations, instrument tolerance and instrument operating range.

    Our technicians have experience with a vast array of central laboratory monitoring systems and can provide you with the high quality service that you demand. Our ultimate goal is to leave you with the peace of mind that your equipment is performing its role properly and accurately.

    Biometrix also offers laboratory monitoring system validation


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    Calibration Services

    On-Site Calibration
    Turnkey Calibration Program
    Calibration Staffing
    Calibration Master Planning
    Calibration Procedure Writing
    AABB Consulting

    Instrument/Systems Capabilities

    Autoclave Calibration
    Balance Calibration
    Centrifuge Calibration
    Chart Recorder Calibration (Temperature)
    Cold Room Calibration
    Conductivity Meter Calibration
    Conductivity Probe Calibration
    Data Logger Calibration
    Freeze Dryer Calibration
    Freezer Calibration
    Furnace Calibration
    Glass Washer Calibration
    Heat Block Calibration
    Humidity Chamber Calibration
    Humidity Controller Calibration
    Humidity Probe Calibration
    Humidity Chart Recorder Calibration
    Incubator Calibration
    Laboratory Monitoring System Calibration
    Lyophilizer Calibration
    Magnehelic Gauge Calibration
    Melting Point Apparatus
    Mixer Calibration
    Multimeter Calibration
    Osmometer Calibration
    Oven Calibration
    PH Meter Calibration
    Pipette Calibration
    Power Supply Calibration
    Pressure Controller Calibration
    Pressure Gauge Calibration
    Pressure Recorder Calibration
    Pressure Transmitter Calibration
    Refrigerator Calibration
    Resistivity Meter Calibration
    RTD Calibration
    Scale Calibration
    Shaker Calibration
    Spectrophotometer Calibration
    Stability Chamber Calibration
    Stirrer Calibration
    Stir Plate Calibration
    Stopwatch Calibration
    Temperature Controller Calibration
    Temperature Gauge Calibration
    Thermocouple Calibration
    Thermometer Calibration
    Timer Calibration
    Vacuum Gauge Calibration
    Water Bath Calibration

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